Multiple Sclerosis (Tracey K.)

I was a patient with Van Stem Cell, on September 11 2018. I’ve had miraculous results, that are still multiplying. I had lymphedema, MS that made me feel constant pain, constant urination, so much I rarely could leave my home. The entire staff was lovely, and I was so scared, this illness had left me traumatized, sick and very afraid.

The girls were lovely. Eased my mind, snuck in to watch jurassic park with me (my idea), on the room tv. And snuck me in a coffee with cinnamon (I don’t do tea). What a great experience. I’d return just for fun, but the results have been spectacular. It’s only 9 months, but the changes keep coming.
P.S. Hi everybody. Best Doctors and nurses!
I actually enjoyed myself. – Tracey K. (Guelph, ON).

Click here for Tracey’s video update uploaded on YouTube: Stem Cell Updated (Day 280)


[Above]: “This was  me,  September 11, 2018 “

legs[Above] “Here’s my legs now and my Edema is gone completely”

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