As a youngster, I had asthma. I smoked for 45 years. My job and my hobbies exposed me to reactive dusts and fine airborne particles. I was diagnosed with COPD 20 years ago but failed in many attempts to quit smoking. 

     By 2014, I managed to quit smoking and had retired. My stamina was severely reduced and normal tasks (dressing, showering, minor yard work, etc.) were becoming difficult. I was told that my condition was incurable. I began searching for anything I could find which might alleviate my symptoms. Surgery did not appear to be an effective option. 

     Eventually I found Stem Cell Therapy and located a number of treatment clinics. Vancouver Stem Cell Treatment Centre was one of them. Being Canadian, I wanted to get treated in Canada. My initial inquiry was answered within hours and all my questions were answered IN DETAIL without hesitation. (I might add that I had also contacted clinics in California and did not get equally detailed answers). The bonus was that using my own stem cells avoided the risk of rejection and the need for anti rejection drugs. The pre-treatment work required by the Vancouver group was very simple and we completed it in a couple days. I found that their staff training and research work were done through a large group of medical researchers and that their technology was at the cutting edge of what was available. And surprisingly, the cost of the treatment in Vancouver was about 1/3 that of American clinics. 

     I booked a treatment within a month of first contact. I hesitate to say it was simple, but VSCTC has this procedure down to an art. I was in and out in less than 4 hours. The reception at the clinic was very friendly and relaxed. There was minimal paperwork and time for last minute questions. I was awake and alert through the procedure an was able to ask questions and comment throughout. 

     The immediate result was that cramping in my extremities stopped. There was a reduction in phlegm in the lungs within a week and in 6 Weeks there was a noticeable improvement in breathing and stamina. My diffusion rate prior to Treatment was 50% and within 6 months, it rose to 65%. This number is generated from a pulmonary function test at a medical testing facility and is the most definitive corroboration of my improvement that I can provide.   –  Ed H. (Saskatoon, SK)

Testimonial (COPD)