COPD (Beverly R.)

I was very pleased with the stem cell transplant. I was interested in it 5 years ago when diagnosed with C.O.P.D. At that time it was only available flying to SAN Diego and a bus to Mexico for the procedure. The cost was to much for Me so I left it alone. Last Year I suffered the winter with 3 different puffers 6 rounds of antibiotics and 3 rounds of prednisone. So I decided to go and see if I could get the transplant in Canada. Wow was so pleased it was in Vancouver and I live on the island. The price was affordable and I was excited. So September 26/2017 I had it done. The next day I babysat My Great Granddaughter whom had a cold. I thought great thanks for telling Me. It was a head cold with a cough and 2 days later I was sneezing. Well this was a test and guess what. It did not go further then a head cold for 10days. No prescriptions necessary. Yeh. I couldn’t believe it worked so quickly. So I have gone through so far the winter and not been sick. I then talked with My Dr. In town and He was very excited to hear all about it and We decided to have a complete check with many blood tests and urine. I seen Him Monday for the results and everything looks so good. Even My Cholesterol was good. They told Me this is the most successful for c.o.p.d. because it goes to the lungs first to start the work. The Dr. also gave a couple injections into My neck for arthritis and pinched nerve. That was also effective. I am so happy and feeling so much better. So spread the word for anyone suffering with c.o.p.d. This is so successful. Thank You to the Team whom were so good to Me and I thought I was the most important person to them. – Beverly R (Nanaimo, BC)

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