Stem Cells in the Media

National Post: Aging Capt. Kirk — William Shatner — undergoes ‘restorative’ stem cell therapy [June 14, 2019]
“Is it possible to turn back the clock? I will let you know,” Shatner tweeted.
Aging Capt. Kirk — William Shatner — undergoes ‘restorative’ stem cell therapy

Time Magazine:  Gordie Howe (What to Know About Gordie Howe’s Controversial Stem Cell Treatment) [June 10, 2016]

Mel Gibson: on How Stem Cell Therapy Saved His Dad’s Life (Joe Rogan show on January 17, 2018)

Tony Robbins: Technology that matters (stem cell treatment)

Technology that matters

Tony Tobbins: [Instagram] Receives Stem Cell Therapy at Stem Cell Institute in Panama

Tony Robbins Receives Stem Cell Therapy in at Stem Cell Institute in Panama

See the post here:  Instagram

Mayo Clinic:  Healing from Within – The Promise of Regenerative Medicine [September 28, 2016]

Christopher Reeve: urging the UN to support stem cell research

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