Patient Feedback

J. Jenkins, MD

Trigger Points – Hamstring Tendinopathy (J. Jenkins, MD)

After over four years trying every therapy out there to heal my hamstring tear I decided to try stem cell therapy ... the only thing I hadn't tried yet in an attempt to get back to the physical activities I love. I am SO THANKFUL for this service that was able to use my OWN stem cells to heal myself and after only one month I was pain-free for the first time in four years and have continued to improve and am now running pain-free. I am overjoyed with the results and only wish I had tried it earlier!! - J. Jenkins, MD. (Calgary, AB)

Karla K.

Osteoarthritis – Bilateral Shoulder, Lower Back & R. Knee (Karla K.)

I had a stem cell treatment here after doing about a year of research. I had a chronic shoulder issue which made my arms very painful almost all the time, and required a lot of physiotherapy. I also had issues with my lower back, which were increasing, and one knee that bothered me. With these problems, not only was I constantly spending time and money for treatments but I also had periods where I couldn't live my normal active lifestyle. When I finally became aware that the Vancouver SCTC was part of the Cell Surgery Network, where I had already decided I was going, I called them. They spent several hours on the phone with me answering my endless questions, and both Chanel and Janette were very knowledgeable. When I was finally satisfied that for my issues there was a good chance of success, and that it was very safe, I went ahead with the treatment about 8 months ago. On that day one side of my back was bothering me so that I could hardly stand up straight. After the treatment it was gone, as were most of my other muscular skeletal issues. I found the treatment virtually pain free and though there was some bruising and a few small annoyances afterward, I would have this treatment again in a heartbeat since about 80% or more of my pain is gone, and I have had very little in the way of alternative treatment since then. All of the people I encountered at this clinic, from start to finish, were knowledgeable and professional. - Karla K. (White Rock, BC)

Tracey K.

Multiple Sclerosis (Tracey K.)

I was a patient with Van Stem Cell, on September 11 2018. I've had miraculous results, that are still multiplying. I had lymphedema, MS that made me feel constant pain, constant urination, so much I rarely could leave my home. The entire staff was lovely, and I was so scared, this illness had left me traumatized, sick and very afraid. The girls were lovely. Eased my mind, snuck in to watch jurassic park with me (my idea), on the room tv. And snuck me in a coffee with cinnamon (I don't do tea). What a great experience. I'd return just for fun, but the results have been spectacular. It's only 9 months, but the changes keep coming. P.S. Hi everybody. Best Doctors and nurses! I actually enjoyed myself. - Tracey K. (Guelph, ON).

Click here for Tracey's video update uploaded on YouTube: Stem Cell Updated (Day 280)


[Above]: "This was  me,  September 11, 2018 "

legs[Above] "Here's my legs now and my Edema is gone completely"

Larry B.

Orthopedic – Bilateral Knees (Larry B.)

Thank you Vancouver stem cell treatment centre for giving me the quality of life that I wanted and needed. Prior to the stem cell treatment I had knee pain daily and walking anywhere was difficult, I could only walk down stairs backward or sideways. Since my knee treatment 6 months ago I feel better and stronger daily, I have no pain in either knee, can walk down several flight of stairs, walk down an incline without any pain or discomfort. Doctor Brock and the staff at the treatment centre were extremely informative, cordial and genuinely concerned of my knee discomfort. I am not suggesting this was a miracle cure but close to it. -Larry B (White Rock, BC)

Roger L.

Orthopedic – Left Knee (Roger L.)

I received my single and only – yes, you need just one - treatment on February 1, 2018 and my laudatory comments concerning that, the staff and personnel are posted on the Centre’s website. Take a look. I was enthusiastic, grateful and impressed then as I am now. Yesterday, August 10, 2018, I sent an email to the Centre concerning the progress of my treatment for my left knee. My knee has been greatly strengthened, but I am still wary of going hiking. Regular city activities are all good. I dance like an inspired hippopotamus, but that is my normal. So from a medical treatment perspective, I am good. Chanel, to my pleasant surprise, called me around 8:30 pm on a Friday night to answer my submitted questions and concerns. Can you believe that? Her call was professional and truly caring, but she went above and beyond even that. Chanel stayed on the phone for almost 15 minutes to discuss my options to get to where I want to go – confidence and ability to go hiking. She gave me a plan and details to follow through that plan. I know that I have Chanel’s and the Centre’s full support to move from hippopotamus to gazelle levels of mobility. Vancouver Stem Cell Treatment Centre and its personnel don’t abandon you after you’ve paid and received treatment. They follow up in real and caring manners because they truly care. They take rightful pride in fulfilling their purpose of providing meaningful and effective treatment for their patients. Vancouver Stem Cell Treatment Centre excels. This level of performance in care is rare and I am glad I found it – eventually. If you want this for you, call them and let them prove it to you. I deserve the best, don’t you? - Roger L. (Richmond, BC)

Beverly R.

COPD (Beverly R.)

I was very pleased with the stem cell transplant. I was interested in it 5 years ago when diagnosed with C.O.P.D. At that time it was only available flying to SAN Diego and a bus to Mexico for the procedure. The cost was to much for Me so I left it alone. Last Year I suffered the winter with 3 different puffers 6 rounds of antibiotics and 3 rounds of prednisone. So I decided to go and see if I could get the transplant in Canada. Wow was so pleased it was in Vancouver and I live on the island. The price was affordable and I was excited. So September 26/2017 I had it done. The next day I babysat My Great Granddaughter whom had a cold. I thought great thanks for telling Me. It was a head cold with a cough and 2 days later I was sneezing. Well this was a test and guess what. It did not go further then a head cold for 10days. No prescriptions necessary. Yeh. I couldn’t believe it worked so quickly. So I have gone through so far the winter and not been sick. I then talked with My Dr. In town and He was very excited to hear all about it and We decided to have a complete check with many blood tests and urine. I seen Him Monday for the results and everything looks so good. Even My Cholesterol was good. They told Me this is the most successful for c.o.p.d. because it goes to the lungs first to start the work. The Dr. also gave a couple injections into My neck for arthritis and pinched nerve. That was also effective. I am so happy and feeling so much better. So spread the word for anyone suffering with c.o.p.d. This is so successful. Thank You to the Team whom were so good to Me and I thought I was the most important person to them. - Beverly R (Nanaimo, BC)

Ed H.

COPD (Ed H.)

As a youngster, I had asthma. I smoked for 45 years. My job and my hobbies exposed me to reactive dusts and fine airborne particles. I was diagnosed with COPD 20 years ago but failed in many attempts to quit smoking. By 2014, I managed to quit smoking and had retired. My stamina was severely reduced and normal tasks (dressing, showering, minor yard work, etc.) were becoming difficult. I was told that my condition was incurable. I began searching for anything I could find which might alleviate my symptoms. Surgery did not appear to be an effective option. Eventually I found Stem Cell Therapy and located a number of treatment clinics. Vancouver Stem Cell Treatment Centre was one of them. Being Canadian, I wanted to get treated in Canada. My initial inquiry was answered within hours and all my questions were answered IN DETAIL without hesitation. (I might add that I had also contacted clinics in California and did not get equally detailed answers). The bonus was that using my own stem cells avoided the risk of rejection and the need for anti rejection drugs. The pre-treatment work required by the Vancouver group was very simple and we completed it in a couple days. I found that their staff training and research work were done through a large group of medical researchers and that their technology was at the cutting edge of what was available. And surprisingly, the cost of the treatment in Vancouver was about 1/3 that of American clinics. I booked a treatment within a month of first contact. I hesitate to say it was simple, but VSCTC has this procedure down to an art. I was in and out in less than 4 hours. The reception at the clinic was very friendly and relaxed. There was minimal paperwork and time for last minute questions. I was awake and alert through the procedure an was able to ask questions and comment throughout. The immediate result was that cramping in my extremities stopped. There was a reduction in phlegm in the lungs within a week and in 6 Weeks there was a noticeable improvement in breathing and stamina. My diffusion rate prior to Treatment was 50% and within 6 months, it rose to 65%. This number is generated from a pulmonary function test at a medical testing facility and is the most definitive corroboration of my improvement that I can provide. -  Ed H. (Saskatoon, SK)

Margo R.

Orthopedic – Bilateral Knees (Margo R.)

I had my stem cell procedure September 20, 2017. Prior to the treatment my pain was in my knees and legs and was a 10 out of 10 pain due to arthritis whether, I was sleeping, sitting, or walking. No pain medications, anti-inflammatories, or muscle relaxers would relieve the pain lower than 8 out of 10. A friend of a friend mentioned that her dad had the treatment and that I should look into it. Right from the start, Vancouver Stem Cell Treatment Centre was patient, supportive, and informative. Within a month I was booked for the procedure.  Before starting the procedure, they reviewed what was to take place and made sure I was aware of the steps they’d be doing to harvest and administer the stem cells to me.  It was quick and easy, but mostly relaxing and pain free. The treatment centre told me after the procedure that I could take some T3’s or Tylenol if I needed them for pain. At the 12 hour mark after the procedure, when the freezing was coming out, I took two Tylenol‘s and those are the last Tylenols I’ve taken since Sept 20\17. Prior to the surgery, I was a 10 out of 10 for pain since 1996, when I had my first knee surgery to remove torn cartilage. In 2000, I had my second knee surgery on the same knee to remove more torn cartilage. In 2005, I tore the cartilage in my other knee, but they would not do surgery due to I was still mobile, as the extreme pain I had did not warrant surgery in their eyes. Since 1996, my knees have been in excruciating pain due to the past surgeries, bone on bone contact, continuous damage, and high level of arthritis. I am only 53 years old now and felt I had no future without extreme pain limiting my life. My doctors have refused to do any knee replacements, which they feel I needed, but will not do due to my fibromyalgia. Very quickly after the procedure, my pain level has decreased. At the three week mark my pain level was 2 out of 10 for only part of the day. Since the three week mark, I frequently have days with no pain at all. In the fourth week, I am pleased and proud to say that I am pain-free daily for over a week.  I am now learning to re-stabilize and strengthen my knees, so that I can learn to walk and stand longer.  I no longer have pain to sleep.  It brings tears to my eyes when I think of what a blessing this procedure has been to my life as I never dreamed that I would again have a day that is pain free. The fact that my stem cell procedure had no recovery time, (I was able to walk out of the office right away), no invasive procedure, and no chance of rejection as they were my stem cells, I feel that this procedure is a life changing moment for me.  This stem cell procedure has given me my life back and given me a future. The only mistake I made was not getting this done years earlier before I had to suffer for so long.  I definitely have no regrets and have nothing but positive things to say about Vancouver Stem Cell Treatment Centre and the stem cell procedure.  The experience was extremely professional and effective. Many thanks for all they did. -  Margo R. (Abbotsford, BC)

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