Regenerative medicine involves the use of early cell lines and cell signaling molecules harvested from a person’s own body, to repair, renew and to revitalize tissues and organs.


Our Mission
To advance cell technology to improve the body’s ability to regenerate and repair itself.

As affiliates of the Cell Surgical Network® (CSN), we are committed to advancing access and quality of care in the area of adult stem cell regenerative medicine.  We are devoted to helping people suffering from a variety of inflammatory and degenerative conditions.

What are Stem Cells?
These are unspecialized cells in our bodies that have the capacity to change into any healthy cell in our body.  The adult stem cell can self-renew (make exact copies of itself) as well as transform or differentiate (develop into more specialized cells) to yield some or all of the major specialized cell types of a tissue or organ.  They have the ability to replicate indefinitely as compared to normal somatic cells. Stem cells are the foundation for every organ and tissue in your body.


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